Every Environment is Unique

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Elevation Health tailors subscription-style solutions to meet the specific needs of different organizations and settings.


We work with students, parents, teachers and school leaders to reopen classrooms and facilitate safe in-person learning. Elevation provides ongoing testing as well as one-time testing to support school sports, plays, graduations and other milestone events.

Summer Camps

We safeguard camp environments with testing designed for campers and counselors, offering both load-in testing upon arrival and on-going weekly protocols. We work in close partnership with camp nurses to integrate seamlessly into the camp environment.


We help businesses maintain safe office operations and in-person collaboration, providing on-going weekly testing as well as support for one-time events such as corporate retreats, board meetings, client engagements, and executive travel.

Performing Arts

We work with theaters, concert halls and other performing arts centers to help them safely welcome audiences. We test performers, audience members, production crews and theater staff to support dance, film, musical performances and theater.


We provide a turnkey solution designed specifically to meet the unique needs of event planners and venues: discreet and on-site testing with immediate results, physician oversight and advice, and an efficient, highly professional clinical staff.


We work with athletes and organizers of sporting events, including school sports, amateur leagues and professional sports teams. We test athletes, coaches, event and facilities staff, on both an on-going basis and around one-time events or competitions.

Elevation Health can help you safely move forward