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Every environment is unique.

Your Elevation Health team will work with you to define the specifics of your community, your facilities, your activities, and your goals. We then formulate a customized testing plan designed around your community’s size, known vulnerabilities, and established routines.

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Elevation Health offers a range of testing modalities to accommodate client needs. Representative test options include:


Safely Resuming
the Business of Life

What does returning to normal mean? A seemingly simple concept has taken on myriad meanings as people worldwide have worked to understand, control, and live with the new normal.

But one thing is sure. The testing tools that Elevation Health provides enable industries and organizations across the economy to reopen and begin the process of getting back to their lives. Here are a diverse set of use cases that demonstrate the crucial role Elevation Health plays in reigniting the economy and the passions of critical businesses and communities.

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Elevation Health’s Impact:

Resuming Education

Post-holiday reopening support for an 800-person private school community on the Upper East Side

  • Over the course of two days, Elevation tested more than 800 students and faculty onsite at a private school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

  • Deploying a field team of four nurses, one operations specialist, a lab tech, and a team of medical students, Elevation set up an on-site testing clinic in the school gymnasium, running a bank of 10 AbbottID Now machines and testing 40 people per hour.

  • An in-office support team worked to upload results to a patient portal and the Department of Health to facilitate the safe reopening of the school after the holidays. Students returned to their classrooms safely.

Elevation Health’s Impact:

Resuming Commerce

Support for buyers at a major global auction house

  • Elevation provided on-site testing to support the live auction of a major work of art hosted by a global art dealer.

  • Important figures in the art world were able to view the works in person and participate in a live auction.

  • The request for testing support was last minute and Elevation was able to deploy a team on-site within a matter of hours.

Elevation Health’s Impact:

Resuming Financial Trading

Weekly opening of the trading floor for a major asset management firm in midtown Manhattan

  • The Elevation clinical team undertook a weekly testing protocol every Tuesday morning at 7 AM to facilitate the safe opening of the in-person operation of a major financial services firm that required in-person support for trading activities that had been shut down since March.

Elevation Health’s Impact:

Resuming Dance

Livestreamed dance performance featuring an Emmy-award-winning actor and produced by a major New York City cultural organization

  • Over a one-week period, Elevation Health created a “bubble” for the crew and cast collaborating on the production of a major annual dance performance.

  • The event was broadcast live to patrons and the general public from their building in Manhattan’s theater district.

  • Elevation undertakes ongoing support for this important arts institution and its crew, cast, and performers.

Elevation Health’s Impact:

Resuming Manufacturing
Reopening of a 1,400-person manufacturing complex 
in New Jersey
  • A clinical and administrative team undertakes weekly pooled saliva testing to facilitate the safe reopening of a manufacturing facility in New Jersey, providing support for an ethnically and culturally diverse base of employees.

  • Elevation mobilized a Spanish speaking clinical staff and translated all testing explanations and consents into Spanish to facilitate the smooth undertaking of this protocol.

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