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Elevation Health provides comprehensive, return-to-routine COVID-preparedness solutions.

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Elevation Health works with organizations seeking to create testing options for their employees, students, and stakeholders as part of a reopening plan and return to sustained operations. Institutions are one piece of a larger, symbiotic environment. When employers, schools, and community organizations test regularly, the benefits multiply and spill into society as a whole.


Everybody’s health is connected.

Many layers of public health response are necessary to predict, understand, control, and eventually end a pandemic. Experts agree that testing capacity is crucial for enabling informed public health decisions. Elevation Health helps a variety of organizations to bring people back to their respective spaces.


Comprehensive. Tailored. Secure. Elevation Provides End-to-End Solutions.

Elevation Health seamlessly integrates the components of a safety protocol into a single solution to deliver high-quality assurance testing at scale.

Guidelines and protocols tailored to your needs
Sustainable solutions for your long term goals
State of the art broad-range testing technology
Testing strategies overseen by physicians


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Elevation supports you by designing a testing program that meets your unique needs, including informed selection of the type of test best suited to your situation. We offer molecular tests, PCR tests, saliva tests (including pooled saliva) and antigen tests. Tests vary widely with regard to sample collection methods, recommended testing frequency, cost, turnaround and other factors. Elevation works with you to navigate the options. 

For large scale testing protocols, Elevation works with schools, firms, cultural organizations and other congregates seeking to reopen and return to in-person activities. Elevation also provides concierge testing to individuals and households, on a one-time basis or as part of a regularly scheduled assurance testing program for homes and families.

Test costs depend upon a variety of factors, including the type of test selected, the frequency of testing, testing location, and required turnaround time.  Our goal is to provide more tests to more people, more often. Contact us to work out a testing protocol that meets your goals and makes sense within the financial framework of your overall pandemic planning. 

There is no minimum commitment. Elevation can help you with a single test, or for a single month, or an entire semester, or any duration in between. However, we can only guarantee capacity availability for placed orders.

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