Behind the scenes in congregate settings

Elevation Health works across a range of settings in which people gather to work, learn, create and play.

K-12 Schools

Elevation works with students, parents, and administrators at K-12 public, private, and charter schools across the country to support school-wide health and wellness.

Universities & Colleges

We support residential and classroom operations and campus health initiatives at institutions of higher learning across the country, often supporting multiple campuses.

Public Sector

Elevation supports state, federal and municipal agencies. We work closely and collaboratively with government agencies at both the local level and on a national scale.

Corporate Settings

We work with corporate clients on back-to-office initiatives, and then to maintain safe operations and to support one-time events including board meetings and travel.

Open Spaces

Elevation works in public parks and gardens, ski areas, open-air theaters and other outdoor recreation settings in which communities congregate.

Performing Arts

We work closely with performers, audience members, production crews and theater staff to support productions including dance, film, musical performances and theater.

Delivering End-to-End Capabilities Tailored to Individual Settings

Elevation puts all necessary licenses in place (laboratory, medical and clinical) and collects all required consents.

With a robust national supply chain and vast network of labs, Elevation manages all supply procurement

An Elevation physician is assigned to oversee the program and monitor ongoing operations

We fully staff each protocol with a field team of healthcare providers working both onsite and virtually

Custom dashboards and other reporting tools are put in place to communicate data to stakeholders in real-time

Summary statistics and outcomes are made available via a user-friendly, web-enabled, secure interface