Elevation Health is re-imaging the school nurse’s office to meet new health challenges in educational settings.

Why now?

Now more than ever, school nurses face overwhelming challenges in maintaining the health and safety of their student populations. Chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and food allergies, are on the rise, with increasing numbers of school-aged children missing school days due to illness. Elevation works to improve academic outcomes by improving health outcomes.

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Recognizing that every school faces unique challenges, Elevation tailors its programs to individual settings. Some schools are focused on expanding their nursing teams; others are working to upgrade equipment and infrastructure; many are utilizing telehealth for the first time. We evaluate each school’s needs and work closely with leadership to tailor a solution specific to the setting.

A Tech-Enabled Platform

We provide a comprehensive school health solution.

Elevation’s unique population health platform integrates ordinarily disparate components into a single solution. The result is a seamless experience for schools that can be carefully tailored to individual needs and goals.

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Elevation Health is a trusted provider of school health solutions for public, private, and charter schools nationwide.