Our Capabilities

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A Tech-Enabled Platform

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

Elevation’s unique population health platform integrates ordinarily disparate components into a single solution. The result is a seamless experience for clients that can be carefully tailored to individual needs and goals.

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Because no two clients are alike, Elevation tailors subscription-style solutions to the specific needs of organizations and settings.

Responsive. Flexible. Service Oriented.

An end-to-end provider of population health programs and solutions, Elevation bundles protocol components into a single solution, creating a seamless, bespoke programs for our clients.

National CLIA license

Providing Point-of-Care tests anywhere

On-staff medical oversight

Supervising and proctoring tests, in-person or virtually


Presenting HIPAA-compliant results reporting dashboards and consent

Clinical field team

Administering on-site testing en masse

Epidemiological specialists

Providing population health consulting

National supply chain of tests and equipment

Facilitating safe, quick mobilization

Legal and regulatory framework

Backing all operations in alignment with policy requirements