Microparticles enable vaccines to be “self-boosting”

Breakthrough Science

Vaccination against many diseases—including polio and COVID-19—require multiple shots over time. But new technology being developed by MIT scientists could allow people to receive a complete course of a vaccine in one shot. Cup-like microparticles made of special polymers release their contents at separately timed intervals, so that one jab could provide full inoculation. In addition to increasing patient compliance, the technology could be useful for administering childhood vaccinations in underdeveloped countries that lack access to care.

Source: MIT News

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First brain-implanted computer empowers paralyzed patients

Breakthrough Science

A Mount Sinai neurosurgeon recently completed the first-ever procedure to implant a brain-computer interface into a human; the technology was developed to enable patients who are severely paralyzed to control media devices with their brain signals. With this milestone, company Synchron beats out a similar technology being developed by Elon Musk that has not yet been approved for patient insertion.

Source: The Medical Device Business Journal

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